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Default Re: Darrelle Revis vs. Nnamdi Asomugha

Originally Posted by GOBB
TACO, Swagger would you label Aso as "untested" as a CB?
Hmm....not sure.

Teams have absolutely avoided him since 2007, the season after he broke out and got 8 INTs. He has been flat out avoided since then. There is a possibility that he may have coasted in some plays since 2007. I am a big believer in habits and the quote "Excellence is not an act but a habit." I am not too sure if I would worry too much about Aso's habits of coasting though because I think he is smart enough to understand his role in Philly and how to adjust to the Philly Defense. It is just something to possibly look out for.

I do remember someone posted pictures on another site of Aso lining up against Marshall (when he was in Denver, 2009) all over the place, slot, right side, left side, but still, at least 80% of the time he is just lined up on one side. That's the Raiders defensive scheme for you.

They never show highlights of CBs anyways other than them getting burned which is why the CB position is the toughest to analyze.

I think this upcoming season will show how good Aso really is. Critics said the same about Asante Samuel, saying that he would get exposed in Philly after leaving New England. Asante ended up doing a pretty damn good job being a ball-hawk in Philly.....maybe the same thing will happen again in Philly with Aso.

I guess he is somewhat "untested" but now its time to be tested.
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