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Default Re: Darrelle Revis vs. Nnamdi Asomugha

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
oh yeah you watched a lot of Nnamdi the past 4 years?

you must be a Raider season ticket holder then, cause that dude hasn't ever been on camera

He'll be on camera plenty this year, and I'm sure there'll be several replays of him in coverage against guys like Fitzgerald, White, Miles/Dez, et al. If he is somehow "exposed" I'll be the first to admit it.

I'm sure Oakland's porous run defense certainly played a role in less targets. But, I can't fault him for being surrounded by garbage talent; I can't diminish the exceptional job I have seen him do albeit in a limited amount of facetime nor can I can ignore that coaches and peers (receivers) have said about him, what Darelle Revis has said... and he hasn't been one to put up a front since his '09 breakout party. This guy has been thrown at a mere 30 times per season over the last four years and it isn't simply because he hasn't been tested. I'm not going to hate on him because he's in an Eagles uniform. Hell, I hate the Cowboys and there probably isn't a defender I'd want on my team more than DeMarcus Ware. I won't sit here and call him overrated because he tore apart the Eagles backsups in Week 17 to take the sack title. He's just damn great, he's proven he's great, everyone considers him great and that is all. Objective.
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