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Default Re: Should NBA Draft have three rounds? Should bad teams get an extra first round pick?

Sucky teams typically draft poorly, so giving them an additional draft pick will only help if the quit drafting poorly. And given how many bad mid-late first rounders are drafted on potential and with the guaranteed money (albeit relatively small) that potential is hardly ever reached.

But 3 rounds? A ton of veteran guys would lose their jobs to unproven rooks. And there are only a select number of NBA jobs available, adding 30 picks would have a lot of late training camp cuts. If add a round, we should expand the rosters by maybe 15 to 17. Plus, how many injuries happen every year? Teams have to scour the waiver wire to plug holes, and then teach that guy the play book.

I think 2 rounds is good, and the good drafting teams use those late rounders to plug holes and get guys who have a shot at becoming a contributor sometime in the future.
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