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Default Re: Should NBA Draft have three rounds? Should bad teams get an extra first round pick?

This makes zero sense UNLESS the NBA changes the roster rules and allows for a team to stash a guy in the DLeague for a year or two without taking up a roster spot. That would make a lot of sense if they want to turn the DLeague into a legit minor league system. Because with the current system there's no way a third round makes any sense at all. Most of the guys in the 2nd round don't ever see the court or even the NBA, with the current rules the third round would basically be 80% euro stash-aways who never come over.

I also kinda hate the idea of giving crappy teams picks 16-30 in addition to 1-15. I don't think that would create parity (like they're trying to do with such a rule), it would just on the most part make young teams even younger.
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