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Default Re: Should NBA Draft have three rounds? Should bad teams get an extra first round pick?

At first I thought the idea of a 3-round draft sounded pretty cool. But some of you bring up good points. There really doesn't seem to be a high number of 2nd round picks making ballclubs these days. And I guess in a pinch, teams can just take their pick of undrafted free agents.

However, I do believe a 3-round draft could offer some positives. For starters, I think it could further bolster the legitimacy of NBDL rosters. I'm in favor of NBA teams developing more ownership over these clubs. I know it doesn't stand for much in the scheme of things, but I'd be a lot more interested in the Ft. Wayne Mad Ants if I knew they contained more than just one or two Pistons prospects.

Further, perhaps a 3-round draft and increased NBDL presence could assist in developing and producing late round picks. I wouldn't expect 2nd and 3rd rounders to begin churning out as NBA stars. However, I do think this could provide a home base for teams to locate and gather surprising talent (as opposed to plucking from various unaffiliated leagues).

Regarding the "numerous picks for bad teams in one round" idea, I do not favor such an idea. My reasoning is lacking, but I just like how individual draft rounds are set up now.
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