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Default Re: Darrelle Revis vs. Nnamdi Asomugha

Can't wait either. I'm not a fanboy for any player so I don't have a problem with facts. I have no problem calling Revis the best in the league, either. I pretty much made an enormous case for him in the above post. He's truly unique, and if he continues with this nonsense he might just go down as the GOAT. I honestly think Deion's dual ability to not only be a shutdown cover corner (albeit one side of the field) and bait QBs with his (4.07?) speed will keep him at the top. Most CBs would be dead in the water giving up that kind of space. Most great, even HOF CBs were great in coverage and got plenty of opportunities for INTs. Deion made his opportunities. His INT rate isn't due to QBs having no problem throwing his way like a lot of other all-time greats who weren't quite at that level as shutdown corners. Add in the fact that position has become increasingly difficult to play over the last couple of decades and yeah, 7-10 years from now Revis could be across from Deion on an All-Time 1st Team, maybe even sooner. He has the data to prove it.
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