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Default Re: bustinBytches new album wont be release this year

Originally Posted by jaydacris
i bot bustinbytcches album in vinyl, its worth millions
be jealous theoo
what how to that do it , O_O thats is album is not yet realease, do it haave all the songs? i thinked that it was later release or maybe none album because leakings . ARE YOU THAT DO LEAKING . that you have the album. if you do a leakeng man i report to you to insidehoops admin watch yourself

now to to a positiev post. thats is song amazing!! Bytches i think that one the best beats to do a bustinbytches song yet. if the do stop leaking this imight be best album to all times, GOAT hip hop album. that song almost make me cry a very good one this has to be one the best hip hop bands of all times. cant wait to see them live i have a baseball cap signed by sindrimaxbeatz. man
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