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Default Re: Dirk Nowitzki Fails To Break Nikos Galis' All Time FIBA EuroBasket Scoring Record

Originally Posted by Psileas
OK, I'm not into the Nowitzki vs Galis thing, but I have to mention this:
You can say whatever you want about the (admittedly, not advanced) defense, but these are the same defenses that USA players were facing at International competitions up to the Dream Team era (really, how did the '88 Team USA manage to lose the gold medal after facing similar defenses?) and yet nobody says anything. It's not a matter of defenses, either. Put any 6'0 guy from any era against the very same defenses, and he'd struggle to be equally efficient. Galis was routinely shooting at 60%+ FG for whole tournaments, and every tournament included baskets like the ones at 1:05, 1:53, 2:01 (how the heck can someone find this stuff easy to do?), 3:59, 5:30, 5:45, 6:14, 6:55 and, of course, 7:40 - again, if this video doesn't prove he was good, put most 6-0 players (especially white ones) in an empty gym and see if they can perform the same things, then put some defense on them.

No, he wasn't a speed demon. He wasn't that kind of player. But, for his size, he had tremendous upper body strength and great hangtime, which allowed him to score so often in the paint, unlike most other European guys his size, who were shooters.

As I said, he looks good, albeit against poor man and help D. BELIEVE me I hate when people bash older players. My knowledge is admittedly not up to par on the Euro game but I know the NBA from around 82 on and have read and watched as much as I can from before then. I believe great players translate across eras...but I can unequivocally, without a doubt say that the D in that video was not on par with what we were seeing in the NBA from at least the 70s on.

From my 5+ years of posting I know you're a knowledgeable old school poster but even you admitted the D wasn't advanced. I'm not saying all Euro D was poor; I simply don't know enough to make a judgement one way or the other. THAT video, however, had some poor, poor D.

Also, thank you for posting with intelligence and respect unlike that joke Euroleague.
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