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Default Re: Dirk Nowitzki Fails To Break Nikos Galis' All Time FIBA EuroBasket Scoring Record

Lmao, that shit would never fly in the NBA in the 80s, no wonder Galis left his homeland the USA to go to Greece.

Yeah, yeah, wait, we've never seen these types of "arguments" before (see: 60's-70's NBA stars).
It took a broken hand for the Celtics to cut him last from the training camp, despite having performed pretty well against players like Nate Archibald. One of the Celtics' coaching assistants who had signed for his cutting (Dan Peterson) claimed later that he and the Celtics blundered. I'll take his opinion.

Originally Posted by BEAST Griffin
Niko Galis was drafted 68th by the Boston Celtics.

Then he went to Europe and became a Greek GOD.

This means what exactly? Oscar Schmidt was drafted 131st in 1984 and became a scoring god in Europe. But, the great Greg Wiltjer was drafted 43rd. ZOMG, imagine what a God he'd be in Europe! They'd probably take away the last 3 letters of his surname.

PS. The "great" Wiltjer was Galis' teammate in a season when Galis averaged close to 40 ppg in both Greek and European Championship (the Euroleague of its time). Wiltjer was a 12/10 or so guy at an era when there were dozens of players who had such types of stats...
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