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Default Re: Mass Effect 3 update

"One quality benchmark people should look out for, when it comes to video games, is the amount of content packed in the game. The most obvious definition of content would be the scenery, locations, quests, weapon types, weapon customizations, armour, equipment, and other components.

However, players should not neglect one piece of content that greatly impacts their enjoyment of the game, even though they may not be aware of it, and that is the dialogue. Dialogue is a key component of a video games’ storyline. It pushes the story along. Obviously, the more the lines of dialogue are, the better.

Lines of dialogue do not necessarily have to be based on some actual exchanges or linear dialogue. They could also be alternate dialogues or alternate directions of the story. Any well-produced video game must have a long line of dialogue selections for whatever twist and turn the game story takes, and their differing missions or quest."

"It appears that the upcoming SciFi action adventure game, Mass Effect 3, has this covered. This installment of the Mass Effect series has 40,000 dialogue lines. That’s a lot of conversations which greatly outstrips most movies and TV shows’ lines of dialogue.

This is a very content-dense title. Just for the sake of comparison, the prior Mass Effect release – Mass Effect 2 – had only 25,000 lines and the original Mass Effect had only 20,000 lines. This number of dialogue lines implied the wide and deep selection of roleplaying that you can take with this title. The title launches in 2012 and is slated for North American release on March 6. Expect more news to come regarding this heavily anticipated title."

Almost double the dialog of ME2 and exactly double of first game.
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