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Default Re: 2011/12 Observation Deck

Meh, like the article says, they probably were going to be a long-shot NCAA Tournament team anyway. They would have had a pretty good collection of talent, but it was going to be VERY young and inexperienced talent. And it's not like all of their recruits coming in were top 10-15 five-stars ala Kentucky.

They should be there next year, and Lavin should have more depth and experience.

On a different note, this is the most excited I've been about a college basketball season in three years. Not just because UNC entered the season three years ago as national title favorites as they do this year but, for the first time in four years, there is a group of three or four teams that have the potential to be VERY good. And another group just behind them with the potential to be better than the last couple of national champions (UConn and Duke).
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