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Default Re: Greece Is Coming To 2012 Olympics

Originally Posted by chains5000
If he means the overall level is the best, he may be right. Obviously USA is the best team, and Argentina's great too, but there's a lot of teams from around the world that bring the level down.
It's the same as in soccer, the European championship's got a better overall level, due to not having some Asian or African teams that aren't as good as some European or American teams that don't qualify.

But I really doubt this was what Lakas meant.

EuroBasket is way harder than the Olympics, where you have 3 games that are 30-40 point blowouts right on your group stage schedule.

Americans are totally delusional in how they think the Olympics is as hard a competition as the EuroBasket.

Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Germany teams like that could not even make it past top 7 finish at EuroBasket. It is way harder a tournament than the Olympics, which is just totally overrated because Americans and NBA fans just hype it up like they do anything they think is NBA related.
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