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Default Re: Greece Is Coming To 2012 Olympics

Originally Posted by R.I.P.
The Americas are pretty close with USA, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Dom Rep., but itīs true that if the Olympics were played with the 12 strongest teams, that most likely eight would be European, and four North/South American. Nobody from Asia, Africa or Oceania.

Australia is as strong as most of those Americas teams and even New Zealand is about the same level also.

But the Olympics is really watered down with weak teams. China, Iran, Angola/Tunisia and teams like that. Supposedly they are trying to fix that though by expanding it to 16 teams in 2016.

It would still have some very weak teams, but at least it would get in some of the better teams also. Like for example Serbia didn't even make the last two Olympics just because it is so hard to qualify through EuroBasket.
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