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Default Re: Greece Is Coming To 2012 Olympics

Originally Posted by Euroleague
I never said World Championship was harder than EuroBasket. I said it was harder than Olympics.

World Championship is harder to win than Olympics because pretty much all the best teams are there. In the Olympics only a small amount are there.

So World Championship is harder than the Olympics, as they both have also really weak teams as well. EuroBasket is another story.

There is no USA but other than that the tournament is a freaking war. It is by far the most difficult and hardest competition and ask any player that played in all 3 and they say the same thing. That EuroBasket is way more tougher of a tournament than Olympics and World Championship.

These are just simply facts of international basketball. Olympics is the #3 tournament in terms of the level of the competition. It is #1 in terms of hype because it is the Olympics and because of NBA marketing.

EuroBasket is an extremely hard tournament. Spain has 2 wins in their entire history and just would have 3 if they beat France. France as far as I remember I don't even think they ever won it at all.

Of course according to American NBA fans - they probably think they each have like 15 gold medals at EuroBasket due to "all those NBA players".

And really, this is just exaggerated now. Because in the past, Argentina was a power so the Olympics at least had them also. But today, Argentina is a worse team than a whole bunch of European teams that did not even qualify.

So the disparity in the EuroBasket and Olympics is even widening.
So you're saying that since EuroBasket is missing some bad teams, it makes it a better competition than one that includes all of the best teams? It might be more competitive on a game to game basis but the other tournaments probably have a higher level of competition overall.

PS: Argentina and Brazil are much better than 90% of the teams in EuroBasket.
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