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Default Re: Would Ryan Fitzpatrick be a Top 10 QB if he wasn't in Buffalo?

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
He will get attention if he puts up good numbers and the team is successful this year. Look at his career numbers.

Last year was the first time he threw for 3k yards, and he has seasons when he didn't even play. The fact that he plays for Buffalo has nothing to do with how he is ranked.

How can you tell me a guy who has 1 season of 3k yards is in the top 10?

No no no my friend. He'd be getting the same attention if he were bad too. It would just be bad attention. They would be saying why is Rodgers struggling, when will they replace him, etc.

And I don't think Fitz is a top-10. I just think he's vastly underrated as a QB and written off for some reason even though he's been successful thus far in that offense. I think he has potential.

EDIT: My bad I read you post wrong so that first part won't make any sense.
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