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Default Re: Jerry Sloan steps down, leaves Utah Jazz! Era is over!

As first reported by UtahMitch (who was in attendance), Phil Johnson won Man of the Year from the Idaho-Utah Multiple Sclerosis Society. The award is :
given to an individual whose philanthropic, educational and civic activities strengthen the community.
Not to take anything away from Phil and the work that he did for MS, but also in attendance was Jerry Sloan and David Checketts. The RSL owner spoke to ESPN 700 yesterday and stated that the ownership of the Detroit Pistons had reached out to Sloan about coaching:
I'll tell you this about Jerry and I don't think this has been published anywhere...he's one of the people that was asked whether he'd consider sitting down with the new owner of the Pistons and bless his heart, he thought about it for a couple of days and came back and said he wasn't ready to go back to work. I do believe he will.
Transcribed by moni

Remember, Checketts was brought on as a consultant for the Pistons this summer. I don't know if he spoke to him about it at this function or if there were talks previously.

I really didn't see him coming back from retirement to coach again, but after some time off, he might not be able to fight the desire to return. It would kill me to see him roaming another sideline.

Personally I'd love to see him prove what a great coach he's supposed to be without the job security and superstars he had in SLC. Detroit has some young talent but are a mess. Maybe Phil will take a job and Jerry will be lead assistant?
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