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Default Re: 2011/12 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
ESPN says Pittsburgh and Syracuse have applied to join the ACC

Wow, this just hit me from a completely different perspective. All along I have been seeing all of these conference re-alignment rumors and thinking of their impact on college football, only. Seeing you post this in the basketball college basketball forum, though, makes this particular change hit me a lot harder.

You're talking about adding two premiere basketball programs to mix it up with UNC and Duke. I like it from a basketball view-point and I'm pretty indifferent about it when it comes to football. Neither brings much to the table football wise (Pitt does on occasion) except two new big markets. I've heard UConn and Rutgers to the ACC if they expand to a 16 team super-conference, which would easily make the ACC the SEC of college basketball.

I figure the ACC will eventually add two more teams, too. The SEC has already essentially added Texas A&M and word has it West Virginia would be team #14 in the SEC. After that it seems like the two teams I'm hearing the most about joining the SEC as teams #15 and #16 are Missouri and Florida State.

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