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Default Re: 2011/12 Observation Deck

Right, the ACC just became in effect unquestionably the best basketball conference in the nation. I know football's driving all this and for obvious reasons, but my first thought every time a move happens is about hoops because I really don't care all that much about NCAA football. I watch, it's enjoyable, but don't really care.

I'm sure Pitt and Cuse will and are catching a lot of flak for this, and I understand it from the lesser (meant in the most polite way possible) BE members, but I salute them for being proactive. You can't be left out in the cold. Well done by the ACC too. Remember how AWESOME the Big East tournament at the Garden is (was?)? The ACC just opened up that venue to their tourney, complete with UNC and Duke.

I don't want to predict who goes where now, but it really does seem inevitable to me that there's going to be 4 16 team super leagues sooner or later. I just know I want the Big Ten to add Kansas, Mizzou, Maryland, and Virginia. Virginia doesn't want to leave the ACC (and why would they) then I guess Rutgers would be OK. UVA'd give the B1G a monopoly on every major research institution in the Eastern half of the US, Ivy's not withstanding. That means nothing to most, but I'd be proud of it.

Weirdest part about all this? Villanova and Georgetown basketball are probably "mid-majors" by 2014.
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