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Originally Posted by GOBB
And AI hasnt lost any sleep because Ray Allen practices more than he does. Ontop of never saying thanks to GOD blessing him with the ability to play ball.

Sounds like a bunch of cool story bro from both sides if you ask me. But its funny that Ray Allen practices his ass off so much and will never be considered a better SG than AI ever was. I wonder why?

GOD "Dont ask me, hmph"


...what the hell are you even talking about?

My comment had literally zero relevance to any rankings or 'best SG evar' pissing contest you're pulling out of the clear blue sky.

The fact that anyone, be it Iverson or Jordan or Wilt or anyone, would claim that being an efficient shooter is in "Gods hands" is ****ing lunacy. People like Ray Allen, Kobe or ANYONE that stays late and works hard to polish their game would take offense to some laughable bullshit like that.

Yeah, Allen Iverson will go down as a more popular player. The sky is also blue, water is wet, and grass is green.
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