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Default Re: Euroleague 2011-12 Rosters

Originally Posted by KGMN
The thing is, Barcelona did absolutely nothing to help the development of Rubio's game. They just used him as a player who had the potential to become a great player, but if that didn't work out, he would always be a solid player who could find the open man at any time and direct the offense when necessary. They didn't care that he wasn't shooting or scoring well, and they didn't do anything to try to improve it. They were satisfied with his passing ability and his ability to direct the offense.

Barca was more patient and gave Rubio more chances than any Euroleague team ever would have. They won games despite him. He would never in a million years get the same chances he got in any other Euroleague club with how awful he played.

He was the 4th best point guard on his team the last two years and still managed to play about 23 minutes a game in a huge club like Barca.

If he would have been playing for a (by NBA standards) semi demanding coach like Obradovic he would have been barely playing at all. If he would have been playing for a hard ass old school type (by NBA standards) coach like Ivanovic, he would have been cut from the team very quickly.

VERY few coaches in Euroleague would have ever put up with Rubio's awful play like Pascual did. And yet, people in the US are blaming him for "not developing Rubio". The truth is that he would not have even been playing on most Euroleague teams and certainly on big Euroleague teams. Hell, on a team like CSKA he would have played like that for 2 weeks and would have been sent on loan for 2 years to some small domestic club.

Barca and their coaching staff was extremely patient and lenient with Rubio. He will be lucky for sure if Adelman is anywhere near as patient with him.
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