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Default Re: Euroleague 2011-12 Rosters

Originally Posted by MeLO MvP 15
Typical Euroleague, someone says Calathes starts in the Euroleague shows how weak the talent is (which is a very true point) and he instantly has to say he sucks and is one of the worst players. Really so any American or NBA player instantly sucks? What about Anthony Parker?

Calathes is the 5th to 6th best guard on Panathinaikos. This is a fact. Or are you actually trying to argue that a guy that averaged 3-5 points a game in 15 minutes the last 2 years is their lead guard?

You take NBA only fan delusion to a whole new level.

Once again....since you seem very slow, Euroleague does not have "starters" and "bench". It is not a caste system like the NBA. You can be the league MVP and come off the bench. It does NOT work like that NBA where there is a caste system.

There is no such thing as a "starter"/"bench" player.

Once again, you talk trash without even knowing what the hell you are even talking about.

Perfect example is Rubio. The worst of the 12 players on Barca's roster and was usually a "starter". In fact, most European teams usually like to bring at least some of the best players off the bench. How Manu is used by the Spurs is TYPICAL and COMMON place in Euroleague.

They don't believe in the stupid "this is a starter", "this is a bench player" like the NBA does. Players are expected to be used however the coach wants to use them. Even a league MVP or playoff MVP would be expected to come off the bench and it is done all the time.

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