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Default Re: Kyrie Irving needs a few more months for foot to heal

Originally Posted by chazzy
You don't think the consensus #1 draft prospect has an all star ceiling?

Nope. I personally think the ONLY player in this last draft with anything close to all star potential is Derrick Williams. I already said Kyrie CAN be a fringe all star max. That's a 17 and 7 player at his peak. Mo Williams level. More athletic and bigger.. but another great spot up shooter and poor defender/average playmaker from the PG position. If he puts up close to 17 and 7 as a rookie... then obviously I'll be proven wrong. I think this kid is going to have a lot of problems because PG is not only the hardest position to learn... but it's the deepest, most competitive position in the NBA right now too. He's going to get blitzed and we'll find out how tough the guy is.
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