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Default Re: The secret to gaining VERTICAL

Originally Posted by MMKM
This might be the dumbest post ever. Lifting weights does not make you more athletic or jump higher. The OP was very selective with his examples; Shaquille and Dwight Howard. How about guys like Vince, Michael Jordan, Julius Erving, Bill Russell, James White, Russell Westbrook, etc. Michael Wilson of the Harlem Globetrotters posted a 51.5 vertical at Memphis. He looks like a noodle. Look at volleyball players and Olympic high jumpers. How many of them look like a bodybuilder? How many great basketball players throughout history look like a bodybuilder or football player?

The secret to leaping and running fast is not weight lifting or having a big upper body. It is speed-strength, AKA how quickly your muscles can exert force, relax, and exert force again. It takes .8 sec for a muscle to reach peak force lifting a weight. When you sprint or do a reactive jump, your feet only contact the ground for .2-.4 seconds. What does this tell us? Sports are not about slow, maximal force movements. They are about ultra fast sub-maximal force movements. This is explained in detail in world renown exercise physiologist Mel Siff's book, s"Supertraining." In the future, please do not refer to weight lifting and plyometrics as a "secret," as it is the most commonly used method of athletic training on earth, despite being imperfect.

WTF are you on? Performing certain lifts and movements can absolutely make you a higher jumper and a better athlete.
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