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Default Re: Ironic fact from Deron Williams' game yesterday

Originally Posted by swi7ch
That is effed up. Most teams outside of USA limit foreign-born players on their rosters.

Yep, looks like there's no limit in Belgium (and a few other countries) but there's a lot of ways of getting around it.

Erwin Dudley on D-Will's team has Turkish citizenship and goes by "Ersan Dagli" , so it helps get around the limit of non-EU/American players

Or take the team Gran Canaria in Spain, there's a limit of 2 or 3 non-EU players in Spain but they've got 5 Americans with other citizenships

Laurence Ekperigin (UK)
Spencer Nelson (Azerbaijan)
Taurean Green (Georgia)
Marquez Haynes (Georgia)
Michael Bramos (Greece)
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