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Default Re: [VIDEO] LeBron James: Cleveland Tribute

Originally Posted by chips93
a few very scattered thoughts:

great mix, i honestly got goosebumps at the start

that game winner in 09 against orlando was probably the best moment ive had following the cavs

it was almost surprising looking back and realising how lebron was revered, how everybody agreed that we were witnessing an all-time great blossom, and how now hes suddenly a pariah. it really puts into perspective how much the perception of lebron has changed

again looking back at the run in 2010, but especially 09, i cant believe we didnt even get to the conference finals, such a huge disappointment. the cavs were killing the pistons, the hawks, it really felt like everything was coming together.

that two handed windmill at 3;35 was ridiculous, outside of jordan or dominique what other star could do that?

its nice to see a fellow cavs fan be able to compartmentalize the lebron era. to accept that hes gone, to appreciate the past, but most importantly to be able to move forward, look forward to the future, and stop being 'lebron's old team'
Thanks for the comments.
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