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Default Re: What should the top 10 NBA 2K12 guard rankings be?

Originally Posted by StroShow4
People think Rondo is better than Eric Gordon.


Before we get into the "He plays with 3 future Hall of Famers" discussion, you should be fair in evaluating how he leads that team with his all around performances. Is Eric Gordon a good player? Yes. However I'd like to see him carry on his peak performance he had pre-injury for an entire season and potentially a post-season.

Rondo on the other hand has established himself among the top PG's in the NBA. Really the only complaint towards him is that he isnt known for scoring, although he can rack up 10+ Assists with ease. In this day & age in the NBA I'd consider averaging 10+ Assists per game is a tougher feat than averaging 20+ PPG. Thats why I put him above Gordon heading into this season.

If Gordon has a breakout year that establishes him as an "Elite" Guard, then I'll see where I'd put him in that Top 10.

If he continues to go for 20/4/3 while the Clippers miss the Playoffs by 20 games, then I cant give him the benefit of the doubt.
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