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Default Re: Ironic fact from Deron Williams' game yesterday

Originally Posted by Grinder
Yep, looks like there's no limit in Belgium (and a few other countries) but there's a lot of ways of getting around it.

Erwin Dudley on D-Will's team has Turkish citizenship and goes by "Ersan Dagli" , so it helps get around the limit of non-EU/American players

Or take the team Gran Canaria in Spain, there's a limit of 2 or 3 non-EU players in Spain but they've got 5 Americans with other citizenships

Laurence Ekperigin (UK)
Spencer Nelson (Azerbaijan)
Taurean Green (Georgia)
Marquez Haynes (Georgia)
Michael Bramos (Greece)

I believe you can have something like 6 foreign players in Spain. You don't really have to worry about dual citizenship when you can have something like 6 foreign players on the roster.

And Bramos has Greek citizenship rights from the time he was born. Just like Americans are Americans from birth no matter where they are born on the planet, Greece has the same laws for Greeks.

You cannot even play for the Greek national team unless you have Greek family. That's why Batiste was never allowed to play for the Greek national team despite wanting to and having Greek citizenship eligibility.

So there is nothing shady or wrong at all about Bramos counting as a Greek on their roster.

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