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Default Re: What should the top 10 NBA 2K12 guard rankings be?

Originally Posted by Meticode
That seems pretty fair actually. I would probably have D-Will at 87 though. Kobe still feels like a 90 to me, so I feel he should be 90. Other than that, it feels right on.
I put Kobe right now 89 so I can fit in a 2002 Carter at 90, 2001 Iverson at 89, 2003 Tmac at 93 (same as current Wade).

I'd probably put 2006 Kobe at 94, along with 2009 Wade. The thing is though right now with Kobe you don't have a lot of things you can put high with him. His dunking is going to be low, his 3 point shooting is going to be low, his midrange won't be as high as it used to be, his strength, speed, quickness, and vertical won't be high either. He'd gain points in durability, offensive awareness, low post offense, free throw shooting, layups, close shots, and post shots. I suppose he can work at 90 though. That would move 2001 Iverson to 90, Carter to 91, Tmac stays at 93, and so does Wade.

Durant would be a 91 or 92, Dwight would probably be a 92 or 93.

I just find the whole 2k making everyone a 95-98 retarded because these guys aren't close to being the best players ever. If current LeBron is 98, then prime Kobe is 99, prime LeBron is 100, prime Shaq/Jordan are 102. Stupid stuff.
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