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Originally Posted by sixty
Are you crazy? Trading Marion? He is a scorer, he is a defender, he is a leader, he is a hustler, he is stats filler and also NBA's most underrated player.

Marion has missed very few games due injury, Kirilenko missed plenty.

Ok, certenly there is an issue that Marion is making a lot of money (he deserves every penny don't get me wrong). I think eventualy he will be traded, but not for Kirilenko .

How is Marion underrated? He made the All-star team because the Spur coach saw him, and didnt underrate him. If anyone is underrated its Andrei Kirelinko. Tony Parker made the All-star team over him. HOW THE **** DID THAT HAPPEN? Shawn is not even close to underrated. The most underrated player in the NBA is Jason Kidd
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