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Default Kobe Bryant Had Dinner With Vassilis Spanoulis And Asked Him To Return To The NBA

Kobe and Spanoulis Dinner

Published: Wednesday September 28 2011 14:02

Kobe Bryant dined Tuesday night (9/27) with Vassilis Spanoulis, and he urged him to return to the magical world of the NBA, and said he considers him a player of that caliber.

Kobe Bryant is in Greece with his sponsoring company and after one of the marketing events, he seized the opportunity and invited Olympiacos guard Vassilis Spanoulis to dinner.

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The two players, as expected, talked and debated basketball, among other things. The star of the Los Angeles Lakers also urged the ace of Olympiacos to come back to the magical world of the NBA:

Said Kobe Bryant:

"Honestly man, I think he should still be in the NBA. But I understand the circumstances that happened when he was there. He had to do what was best for his family and his future. Eventually though, he should reconsider. He's still young".

Then, V-Span explained the reasons he returned to Europe:

"Who doesn't want to be in the NBA? The best players in the world are there. The circumstances I had there were not in my favor, and I am also happy that I went back to Greece."

Kobe also talked about the European Gasol brothers:

"It's unbelievable that a family can make two such great players. When Pau came to the Lakers I said that I finally have a big man who can punish the opposition and make them pay when they double me. He's a formidable player and he has punished all the other bigs in the NBA."

Shortly before the end of the night, Kobe said of his stay in Greece:

"It's so peaceful here. It was a calm two days. The people here are very warm and passionate. I should have been coming here for years. I will come back here for sure from now on".

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