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Default Any Musicians / Artist / Producers / CEOs out there.

Anybody here in the music business or is trying to be in the music business anytime soon.

If you are, what do you do. Are you a producer, a musician, a rapper, a singer/songwriter, the owner of a label or something? Also, what type of music do you do, are you a hip-hop artist, a hard rocker or a mellow soul singer and hat instruments do you play.

I am trying to be an up and coming RnB producer/artist. Right now I'm 19, and I'm doing my own thing. I make my own music, write my own material and sing all the tracks. I play a couple of instruments. The best is the drums (and other percussion instruments), been playing since I was about 4. I also dable with thw keyboards, guitar/bass. I am not as prolific with the keys and the guitar/bass, but I can put enough chords/riffs to gether to make a track.

The RnB I do is the D'Angelo/Van Hunt/Prince type of stuff, not the Chris Brown/Omarion stuff (although I can dance better then them). It is much harder to get yourself out there doing that tye of music, but trust I will be out there.

Are there any other felow artist out there .

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