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Default Xbox, 2k12, Online Association, and Nets forum

Hey guys,

I'm going to be setting up an Nba 2k12 Online association for the xbox 360. I want to know if you guys want to jump in on it? It will be a private association for nets forum users and hopefully we all will have fun and get to know each other better while gaming some nba.

It will be set up shortly after the game is released (probably 2 weeks after). If you are interested, post your gamertag and add me. The more people that are interested, the more fun it should be. More details regarding this (i.e., settings, number of games, etc) will be posted after the game is released. Let me know guys.

Xbox Gamertag: Blu1ce20


League Id: 41605
Password: justus

Timer: 2k's timer is set to normal. For every 1 real world day, that equals 3 in game calendar days on your team's schedule.

Association Length: 29 games. This is an association and not a league. There will be continuous multiple seasons.

Quarter length: 8 minutes.

1. Heat and lakers are strictly off limits. No users are allowed to pick these teams.
2. All games are advanced based on 2k's timer. So stay active and play your games.
3. Have fun :)

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