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Default Re: Who is getting 2k12 today?

Originally Posted by gasolina
I don't think it even has rookies. The rooks aren't signed to NBA deals yet.

Same with NBA Live 99 didn't have rookies when it first came out.

Yeah one of the main reasons I want the game is for the rookies haha.

At least Rubio will be on the T-wolves.

I think I am going to trade in 2k11, tiger woods, fifa...and get the game. I mean Why play 2k11 when there is 2k12... Tiger woods game was alright but I am not the biggest golf fan. (never play it)...And a new fifa is coming out so fifa11 will be outdated. So I might as well trade in all these game I wont play that much for a game I will play a lot more.

Even If I get like 20 bucks off thats okay.
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