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Default Re: Who is getting 2k12 today?

Originally Posted by MiseryCityTexas
old school teams will be the only teams i'll be using.
That'll definitely be my saving grace on 2K12 until the lockout is resolved. It'll feel awfully funky to use the non-updated rosters for, well, pretty much anything (My Player, Association, Quick Game). Therefore, I imagine putting in a lot of time with the classics. I'm a huge classics guy. Unfortunately, the ability to edit and create more classic teams seems to have become more difficult this year. But even still, it should work out.

Originally Posted by gasolina
I used to pre-order my 2K's on Amazon every year but I'll wait on this one.

No NBA, no motivation to play 2K. I'll probably wait till the lockouot ends. By then I hope they release a patched version with all the rookies.
My driving force behind purchasing the game on release day this year is the inclusion of the '91 Warriors and '02 Kings in all copies of the game upon the initial shipment. However, it seems some folks are not receiving their Warriors/Kings code like they should. Either way, I want to give myself a chance to get it, because I love both of those teams.

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