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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

6' 1", 185 lbs

Position: SF/SG

Offense: I'm a streaky shooter. With range past the NBA 3 point line, I can make it rain when I'm feeling it. I normally start the game by shooting 2 or 3 jumpers. If I make one of them, then I'll continue to shoot, if I miss than I'll resort to driving and dishing. My ball handling isn't anything special. I tend not to bring the ball up court. I'm good enough at dribbling to slash to the basket, which I mainly use my size(people I normally play against at the gym range between 5'8" and 6'3") to power myself to the basket. I get a lot of offensive rebounds and tip-ins. My biggest weakness is that I get out of control when I'm handling the ball and I'll try to do too much. If I relax and stick with shooting or simple drive and dish, I won't go wrong. Once I try to get fancy, I end up losing the ball or I'll pass to the other team.

Defense: This is where my cigarette smoking catches up to me. I can run fast, but I get winded easily. I'm fairly good at defense, but not great. I can keep the ball handler in front of me and he most likely passes the ball or resorts to long range shooting(I slack off a lot). I tend to talk to the ball handler. If they are a below average shooter, I'll constantly talk them into chucking. I'm good at recovering. Plenty of times, the ball handler thinks they have a wide open fastbreak layup and I'll run my smoking ass off and get the block.

Go-to move: Either the step-back jumper or I'll spin to my left and pull up immediately for a fall-a-way jumper.
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