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Default Re: BREAKING NEWS: Little progress made, no further meetings scheduled

The league owners and players are truly stupid if they think people will still be waiting when they stop behaving like entitled children. They obviously didnt learn anything from their last shortened season. The entre fanbase is in hard economical times and these pissants are worrying about who gets how many milions? seriously? so maybe they dont buy that 3rd or 4th house in the carribean this year. Or god forbid they drive the same ferarri twice a week. The flippant behaviour they have shown is offensive to me. They act as if they dont care if there is a season, and could care less if there is a next meeting scheduled. They can go play in europe, I will simply turn the channel. I have been a die hard Piston fan since I was 10 so the quick math is 27 years, I have seen players come and go, the current players seem to have such a sense of entitlement that I really am turned off from watching the games anymore. Maybe the strike is the perfect time for me to find other interests and move on. If they dont care? why should I?
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