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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

offense: Can't catch and shoot but I got the sickest jumpshot off the dribble. Handles are top notch. Offensive awareness is very nice, i have nice courtvision. My passing is nice but nothing fancy. All in all if it's not a shot off the dribble I won't make it at a high percentage.

Defense: I'm quick on my feet and can keep with my defender but not a good ball hawk. I can't rip many people on the spot even if you are a weak ball handler. I rarely ever go for shot fakes though and barely many people just blow past me.

Mis:only 5'10 but have long arms. Trash talk the hell out of you, but first niccah to run away when a niccah want to fight lol real talk, I aint bout all dat getting a niccah ass whooped on da court for doe.

Playstyle:Allen Iverson/Kevin Johnson.
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