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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

Play Style
6'4 SF/PF with range. Scorer mostly, not a great ball handler because I've always been the best shooter on my teams, kinda used to resort to taking a lot of jumpers. Pretty athletic, I can throw down a 360 for example.

I'm a solid help defender and post defender, but I'm not that good at defending smaller, quicker guards. They can put me on skates.. I'm a solid rebounder I guess.

As stated above, I'm a scorer. I can shoot and slash, and I'm one of the guys who can actually catch fire and make a bunch of threes in a row. On the downside, I'm not a great passer, I won't turn it over or anything but you won't see me making any brilliant passer or something like that.

I'm also kind of a choker haha, I've been given the ball and the greenlight in a bunch of close game situations and thusfar I've not made a whole lot of it.. to my own dissapointment mostly..

My go-to-move is basically anything revolving a spin left, whether I shoot out of it or make a layup or dunk, I'm a lefty so it works perfectly. I'm working on a stepback but I'm not too good at it yet, I'm best as a catch and shoot-shooter.
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