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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

I'm about 5'9", 165 pounds.

I'm so done with slashing and attacking the cup like I used to. I got tired of getting hacked and missing most of my layups because the people I run into(even randoms) tend to be inspired by the bad boy pistons defensively.

If I were to compare myself to an NBA player, I would be like a Wizards Jordan. I'm deceptive with my athleticism, good defender and offensively I'm playing the old man's way. Good footwork, using angles, pump fakes and well hidden push offs. I find myself playing with my back against the defender these days and using fancy footwork instead trying to blow past people. My fadeaways are spot on, I just had a shoulder injury from a car accident that weakened my shot a bit so now most of them are hitting the front of the rim instead of going in.

My handles are above average, I'm not breaking people down left and right but I can go where I want and protect the ball .

My main weakness is just rebounding, I'm always getting caught out of position these days when this used to be one of my main strengths.
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