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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

5'11 158 lbs (3rd person)

Offense: Great scorer who has has a pg pass first mentality. Able to drill the open 3. Uses his excellent footwork and hesitations to get past defenders and is a nightmare for slower guards because of his quickness. Has a great floater which he uses to get past taller guards and big men. Left handed scorer but dribbles better with off hand. Has played against d-2 talent and more than held his own. Understands the pg position and is very patient.

Defense: Great on ball defender. Uses his speed and anticipation to crowd below average ball handlers and plays the passing lanes particularly well. At 5'11 he is at a disadvantage help grab defensive boards when there are 6'+ guards and big men on the court.

Weakness: Drives sometimes but not a great finisher around the rim, Lacks the explosive in the vertical jump to do so. Not the strongest guard so often gets bodied around by bigger defenders. Fades away on shots even when wide open which results in many shots coming up short. Plays passing lanes way to much during the game. Decent ball handler but far from great often tends to dribble to much in traffic which results in turnovers. Great Scorer, but not consistent/efficient. Many times going into shooting droughts which hurts his confidence.

Misc- Very injury prone. Has had 3 ankle sprains within 2 years. also a bad case of jumpers knee on 2 occasions. at only 22 this is not such a big deal but def note worthy.

Player Comparisons: Best Case Scenario- Brandon Jennings
Worst Case scenario: Ronnie Price
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