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Originally Posted by TheBigAristotle1
Don't get me wrong Carney is no super star, he just seems like a safer pick then Sefalosha. Guys with his athleticism and jump shot usually pan out (I still hold out hope for Luke Jackson).

Jarvis Hayes, Courtney Alexander and Ron Mercer all say hello. Carney reminds me of those players the most. All of those guys had decent athleticism and a solid jumpshot. But that's all they had. None of them are particularly quick with the ball in their hands, none of them are at the Vince/Tracy/Kobe,etc. level in terms of physical ability, none of them are really that great defensively.

I see Carney and I see a guy that is ok in all categories, but not special in any particular one. Like a Morris Peterson.

I see Sefolosha and I see someone with the length, quickness, intelligence and athleticism to become a Bruce Bowen-type defender someday. Not to mention the fact that he is a good passer, rebounder, and excellent ballhandler for his position.

What the Bulls need most from the SG position is defense against the Kobes and Vinces of the world, and someone to start the offense when Gordon is on the court. Sefolosha and Brewer were the 2 best fits for that role. Paxson chose Sefolosha.
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