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Default You Guys Are 1 Step Closer To The Playoffs

Yall are a step closer but still have a lot more steps to go


PG - Nelson/Arroyo/Dooling/Diener
SG - Stevenson/Redick/
SF - Turkoglu/Hill/Ariza/Augmon
PF - Milicic/Augustine/Outlaw/Garrity
C - Howard/Kasun/Battie/

Free Agents

Trevor Ariza (FA)
Stacey Augmon (FA)
Tony Battie (FA)
Mario Kasun (FA)
Bo Outlaw (FA)
DeShawn Stevenson -- Not a free agent but could leave

Not Sure If JJ is a solid starter but could be a very good 6th man same with ariza you guys need better SG and SF

Also think fo getting rid of dooling, deiner, outlaw, garrity and augmon.

Nice Picks in free agency

Devean George - SF
Jared Jeffries - SF
David Wesley - SG
Bonzi Wells - SG
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