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Default Re: Can Mario Chalmers be the Heat full-time starting point guard?

Lol @ all of these posters who only saw him in the Finals saying "Oh yeah he's legit he's great blahblahblah"

He isn't a starting caliber PG on a Championship team. He had a fluke finals; I love Rio, but he isn't our PG of the future. He has been a mediocre-average player for the last 3 years. I will say this; if he learns how to defend properly as well as become a deadly 3-pt shooter, instead of just an above average one, he could be the starter.

Edit: Also, I agree with one of the earlier posters; Chalmers is terrible defensively. He gets steals so people are under the impression that he is a good defender, and he is in that respect; but man-to-man, he is one of the worst defenders in the entire NBA.

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