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Default Re: PG Position

The Jazz will need to pick up at least two free agents — and as many as four — to reach the minimum roster size when that window opens up.

Assuming nothing changes with the new agreement which it should as far as I'm concerned.

They need another point guard or two.

At least two if things stay the same as the Jerry era. Need a young guy and maybe a seasoned vet. At least one of which can play both guard spots I'd think.

They need to decide whether or not to continue their Andrei Kirilenko relationship.

Unless they can get a Battier, Prince etc. at a better price and they don't have to overpay again they better look to bring him back.

The Jazz are even getting ready for the 2012 draft — one of the reasons they recently hired international scouting director Rich Sheubrooks — and planning on which upcoming college games they’ll be attending for scouting purposes.

Good idea considering they look like the worst team in the league right now.
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