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Originally Posted by knickballer
Don't base everything on stats.

His first year was just a disaster, he was literally thrown into the wolves.. Not to mention he was an extremely raw QB coming out of college and playing on those earlier Niner teams didn't exactly help him out. The improvement he made to his second season was tremendous but then injuries, constant coaching shifts, not playing, etc, all contributed.

You can't even compare Smith to Rodgers as Rodgers sat behind a HOF QB and inherited a great team. Smith had incompetent OC's, terrible lines, poor recievers, etc. Although part of the blame was on Smith I don't think Rodgers would have fared any better..

#1 overall pick. After 7 seasons you're highlights "stats" from this season and saying people should remove the bust label. Not happening. Sorry. You cant change the definition of a bust because the guy you defend so much has been labelled as such. It doesnt work that way. Keep it real.
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