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Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
He averages 193 passing yards a game. WOW.

Just because he gives Frank Gore the ball 20+ times a game doesn't mean he is not a bust.

Don't give me that crap. Besides these past 2 weeks Gore hasn't done squat. And so what if he averages 193 passing yards a game? I care about TD-INT ratio and Wins..

Honestly, he is still a bust. He's been playing well but mostly as a result of excellent coaching. Harbaugh really is probably the best coach in the NFL right now (or very close to it). He does not let Alex take chances down the field and in third and long situations he is checking down a lot. Harbaugh could take essentially almost every starting QB in the league (probably a lot of backups too) and put them in the same position and they'd have similar success. I'm glad Alex is playing well, and the 9ers are as a result but it's not a case of some mid season rebirth. Alex is the same QB he was years ago.

Smith has actually had most of his success when he takes shots down the field and that is when the team performs the best. When the playbook opens and when Harbough gives Alex the freedom to let it rip that's when this offense performs the best. Harbough is a great coach but to say he has created Smith isn't fair.. Any coach can be a huge upgrade compared to Singletary..

Ive allwyas thought he could get it together, hes still what 26? 27?

this is the first time hes got some great recieveing options, he had no one the first couple of years, then he got davis then crabtree, hes got edwards, ginn and morgan who all bring something different, gore out the backfield, a bit of consistant coaching

Im a fan aswell and its about ****ing time the 49ers gave him some help

Edwards has been out for majority of the season, Morgan just fractured his ankle(was playing extremely well), and Ginn is more of a Cribbs type of receiver. Don't count out Delanie Walker as well, he's a great #2 TE.

And yea Alex Smith is only 27 and this is his 7th year compared to Matt Ryan who is 26 and considered a young QB.
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