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Default Re: Stern: I'm sorry to report ... that the first 2 wks of the season have been cancelled

Originally Posted by SourGrapes
Sounds like you want the players to take blame.

It takes two sides, genius

of course it does. the owners are to blame as well. that is just obvious.

but form what we've heard, the players not accepting a true 50/50 split of BRI makes little to no business sense. Now, of course we could be getting false information....but it seems like an ego thing.

The players lose 160 million dollars by missing the first two weeks of the season. Which means that they are now -40 million by not starting on time.

And that is if they get what they want....which I don't see how that is possible because the players stance gets weaker every day this goes on while the owners stance gets stronger.

We'll know soon enough.
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