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Default Re: OT-The Rock has come back to Monday Night RAW

I used to watch WCW and tape WWF on Monday nights from about 1995-whenever WCW collapsed.
I always favored WCW up until a couple years before it ended, when they started having too many no name wrestlers. It seemed like you never got to see all of the big names.

anyway, my son is now starting to get interested, so we've been watching Raw, ECW, and Smackdown.
from what i've seen so far, ECW sucks.You just can't cram enough stuff in a 1 hour show. Raw is a little better than Smackdown.

Can You believe Ric Flair is still wrestling? dude must be 60. and Hacksaw Jim Duggan? oh my God, he wrestled when I was a kid.

I'm getting completely sick of Mankind. I used to admire him, because his matches were fierce. But he's annoying as sh*t always talkin' about his stupid book.

"Arrive, Raise Hell, Leave" Cause Stone Cold said so!!!
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