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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 4

Unser is obviously trying to protect Tara. He knows what Clay is capable of and knows his intentions just from that brief talk they had outside the shop.

I was really worried when I saw someone typing that letter, but then when I saw it was Unser, I knew Tara would be protected.

Only way SAMCRO comes out on top again at the end of the Season is if they double cross the cartel, but that seems way too risky. Juice will eventually rat out the cartel, maybe leading to their arrest and ending the relationship SAMCRO has with them. If this happens, then maybe it forces Clay's hand to deal with Tara himself, and this will probably be how the season ends, with Jax learning of the truth about his father and the truth about what Clay was trying to do.

Seeing as the Clay/Teller thing is the big story behind the show, and how it's all soon coming to a head, I can honestly see this show going at least one more season. Maybe two.
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