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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 4

Kurt Sutter said that by the end of season 4 it's going to feel like the end of the series. But he wants it to go to 7 seasons at the most. This is the beginning of the end though.

I wonder if/when Jax finds out about Clay what he'll do. I think breaking Clay's hands and kicking him out of the club will be it. I think that would hurt Clay more than just shooting him. Kicking him out of the only thing he's known. That's only if Clay is stopped before Tara is taken out. If Tara is taken out by the cartel and Jax finds out then Clay is done.

I just wonder how different the show is going to be in seasons 5-7. Will Jax leave the club or if he finds out everything will he stay with Clay gone and finally him and Opie will take the club back and head in the right direction.

It's weird though. When the show started, Jax was questioning Clay and acting more like John Teller but now Jax is way more like Clay than he is JT.

No creepy ATF guy tonight. I really wonder what his role in all of this is going to be.

Oh and the season 4 finale is going to be a two hour show.
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